Mission & Vision

The Connecticut Project is a social change organization that mobilizes communities, ideas, and resources to improve systems and generate real-world outcomes for people that are lower-income or asset-limited. We work for a just, thriving, and optimistic Connecticut where race, gender, income, geography, and other circumstances no longer predetermine opportunity.


We utilize a variety of tools to pursue our mission:


…proven approaches through nonprofit, governmental, and for profit organizations.


…new approaches when they are needed.


…across geographic and institutional silos.


…for attention and system-level policy change.*
*primarily through TCP Action Fund


We strive to embody our values:

Neighbors First.

The interests of our Connecticut neighbors, particularly those deprived of opportunities and outcomes on a basis of race, income, geography and other circumstances, are first in everything we do.

Continuous Improvement.

We listen, learn, and collaborate with humility alongside our neighbors and improve our methods with community feedback and guidance.

Optimistic Realists.

We operate at the crux of possibility and pragmatism – the change we imagine is the change we work to achieve.

Courageous Acts.

We are resolute in the pursuit of growth, equity, and justice, willing to learn from mistakes, and not afraid to challenge steady habits to accelerate progress.

Better Together.

Grounding in the common humanity of our neighbors ensures that personal, professional, and community differences lead to bolder innovations and stronger solutions.