Initial Investments

The Connecticut Project was founded in late 2021, and has deliberately taken time to listen and learn alongside our neighbors throughout the state to identify the specific focus areas and approaches that will provide the most significant real-world progress toward a just, thriving, and optimistic Connecticut. While we expect to expand our grantmaking and other efforts in the coming months, we have also begun to engage with a handful of projects and initiatives consistent with our vision, mission, and values.

Modern Classrooms Project

The Modern Classrooms Project empowers educators to build classrooms that respond to every student’s needs. They lead a movement of educators in implementing a self-paced, mastery-based instructional model that leverages technology to foster human connection, authentic learning, and social-emotional growth. The Connecticut Project is partnering with Modern Classrooms to bring this movement to Connecticut through its 2022 summer cohort, made up of over 150 educators from 30 districts and more than 70 schools throughout the state, and ongoing practice support and educator community building.

New Britain Child Care Business Incubator

The New Britain Child Care Business Incubator will provide ongoing training, technical assistance, space, and a community of practice to new providers interested in launching their own child care businesses. A project of the YWCA New Britain and enabled by pilot legislation that establishes an innovative licensing model, the child care business incubator is located in a public housing facility and offers the support and resources necessary to create a pipeline of high quality, sustainable child care programs to address the lack of access to quality care that families with young children in New Britain and throughout the state currently face.

Center for Housing Equity and Opportunities in Eastern Connecticut

The Center for Housing Equity and Opportunities in Eastern Connecticut seeks to build stronger, more equitable communities through the generation of more affordable housing options in Eastern Connecticut. The Center will work through a focused collective impact model and will provide technical expertise to municipalities and advocacy organizations, emphasize regional approaches, share resources, best practices, and data to shape actions and decision making, and expand the dialogue regarding affordable housing plans to engage numerous stakeholders.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Activation Campaign

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Activation Campaign is catalyzing a coalition to ensure as many Connecticut public servants (educators, government and non-profit staff, veterans) as possible learn about and take advantage of the narrow window to have their federal student debt forgiven by filing their paperwork before 10/31/2022. The Connecticut Project is helping catalyze the campaign, providing funds, energy, and relationships to the coalition aiming to maximize awareness among and applications by CT’s 110,000+ eligible public servants.